Monday, March 30, 2020

yukio mishima wikipedia page

i told my landlord that if she doesn't install a washer and dryer in the basement of my building i will go psycho and destroy the entire place with my bare hands.
when this is all over i'm buying a bed frame.
i drank a modelo brand beer in the park.
i told ben the chinese government was misreporting the coronavirus numbers while drinking a modelo brand beer.
i've kept my phone on "do not disturb" mode for the past 48 hours but still look at it every few minutes.
i read the yukio mishima wikipedia page and 45 pages of his first novel.
i want to buy a house in north linden and live off the land.
my ambitions shifted slightly in 2018, and then again in 2019.
i looked up the definition of "obsequious".
when madeline said the garbage men were revolting, she meant they were refusing to take out the trash.
whenever i shoot a basketball i don't care if it goes in the hoop.

Friday, March 27, 2020

blog entry eight

twenty year old girls love telling people that its time to do a rent freeze.
i scrolled instagram while talking to my mother on speaker phone.
throughout childhood, i thought everyone with an english accent was intelligent.
whenever i engaged with someone from the u.k., it was in a professional capacity or they were narrating a documentary.
it was reassuring when, later in my life, i met dumb people with english accents.
i'm going as boris johnson with coronavirus for halloween.
echolalia been popping off in the quarantine.
i played dungeons and dragons for two months in 2014.
the guy who was the dungeon master joined antifa and then everyone i know stopped hearing from him.
he spoke about stuff in the game the same way he spoke about his plans to stop the fascists.
i hope he is doing well.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

i want four taco al pastor and a horchata

for years i've thought, theoretically, i would enjoy being quarantined.
i could stay at home reading, playing chess, lifting weights.
i wouldn't have to go to work, or see anyone, or go anywhere.
i argued with myself that it would be depressing, i would miss certain things.
however, i think my first instinct was correct.
quarantine is good, actually.
its like being incarcerated but without the shame/guilt and girls are allowed.
its like living at a monastery, except you can watch reality tv.
i'm hoping for economic collapse.
what does the $2 trillion stimulus bill say about me as a person?
i want to say something offensive about roxane gay.
i can't have band rehearsal, but i might program the drum machine at the practice space.
i'm going to open all of the windows in my apartment all at once.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

i guess i don't want to take the bernie sanders bumper sticker off of my 2008 honda odyssey

look, the feds shot bernie with the heart attack gun.
they thought it would kill him but it didn't.
for the past four years, the deep state engaged in a mass mind control operation by instructing every media outlet to give non-stop coverage to russiagate and the impeachment.
they were aware this would cause the already delusional liberal to devolve into "complete psychopath".
and it worked.
there is increased voter turnout, but only with the "people who read the meuller report" demographic.
the democrats will, in all likelihood, nominate a man with dementia who is more pro-war than the republican he is running against.
at least i got to hear liz warren say "latinx" on tv a lot.
i watched the netflix show about tigers with madeline while feeling engaged and entertained.
i'm a normal guy today.
i'm going to pick up the set of 20-lb. dumbbells from my mother's apartment.
they are sitting by the door at the bottom of the staircase so i can pick them up without accidentally infecting her with covid-19.
the bible is the first book i'm downloading onto my kindle.
i wanted to boycott the olympics this year but they were canceled.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


i stop at a gas station somewhere in rural ohio.
it is late, maybe two am.
i go inside to use the bathroom.
i want a mineral water.
inside, two men are digging through one of those dvd bins that some gas station convenience stores keep near the front of the store.
they are both leaning on the dvd bin to support themselves.
i can't discern what drugs they are on. 
one of the men is sticking his arm incredibly far down into the bin, dvds going up past his elbow.
intermittently, one of them selects a dvd, holds it up to the cashier, and asks him if he has seen the movie.
based on his responses, it seems like the cashier has seen every movie in the dvd bin.
he doesn't seem excited about any of the movies.
when asked, he describes the movies as "okay", "not bad".
the cashier is good.
he should be working at blockbuster.
the two men continue looking through the dvd bin.
there is no mineral water in the cooler.
i move idly between the small aisles.
before i leave, one of the men asks the cashier if he has seen the movie robin hood starring russell crowe.

Monday, March 23, 2020

they take turns using a word they like by lydia davis

i want to government to quarantine my iphone.
i want the government to take away my $1,000 if i keep browsing twitter all day.
it's untenable.
it is untenable.
in high school i read a zine that recommended high doses of caffeine as a cure for depression.
the zine was about holistic, free, and alternative approaches to alleviating mental health problems.
the person who wrote it was an anarchist farmer.
working as little as possible, veganism, and not using deodorant were also recommended.
i'd like to use this blog, pervert olympics, as a platform to publicly express my belief that all of that stuff was a bad influence on me as a teenager and contributed to some of my worst habits and beliefs.
i've been waiting around for my unemployment check like a bitch.
i feel aversion to the scientific photos of disease strands.
i notice the french press placed precariously atop the refrigerator as i watch madeline reach into the crisper drawer.
she is holding a small handful of oyster mushrooms when she turns back around.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

industrial society and its future cum tribute

"approximately what percentage of your monthly income comes from your work as an artist?" is a question that dissuaded me from filling out the application for the artist grant.
i wanted to become violent in the supermarket.
i cleaned the shopping cart with a sanitizer wipe before entering through the automatic doors.
i placed bananas, olive oil, and eggs inside the cart but didn't know what else to get.
madeline picked out more things while i imagined becoming violent.
there weren't many people out.
madeline and i embraced briefly on fifth avenue.
i carried my copy of "american psycho" with me into three different rooms in my apartment without reading it.
i watched a six minute clip of the tucker carlson show on my phone in landscape mode.
in the evening madeline and i split a bottle of bonny doon vin gris de cigare rosé 60-40.
sunlight coming through my window now as i write this.

yukio mishima wikipedia page

i told my landlord that if she doesn't install a washer and dryer in the basement of my building i will go psycho and destroy the entire...